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View all your future and past appointments in one simple online system

  • Appointments
  • Coaching Reports
  • Expenses Claims
  • Self-assessments
  • Performance History will:

  • Send you an email or SMS when the appointer assigns you to a game or tournament
  • Maintain your availability so you're not appointed to games you cannot do
  • Notify you whenever there are any changes to any of your games
  • Ceentralised database so you are never doube-appointed
  • Provide directions from your postcode to the fixture's venue
  • Easy access to competition regulations etc
  • Handle all your expense claims will:

In addition, all the information relevant to your appointments is stored in one central location. You can view who else is involved with your fixture (e.g. colleagues, assessors etc) and obtain their contact information.

If you have notes about the appointments, then you can record these on the system and optionally allow the other officials to view these as well. Simplifies communication!