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What sort of organisation is suitable for?

WTU can be used by any organisation that is responsible for the appointment or development of match officials. The product contains functionality to assist with the entire process from Recruitment though Appointing; Assessing; Financing and Performance. There are also other modules for Player Registration, Video Analysis and League Table Management etc.

Is WTU best suited for small or large organisations? is totally scalable from our smallest customer who has 15 officials, to our largest customer who has 8,000+ officials. The system modular structure grows with your needs. If you just want appointing then no problem.  If you also need to manage finances the module is just added.

We are a large organisation and have multiple groups.....

No problem........ Data for different groups is differentiated but can be linked as well. Availability and appointments can optionally be shared between groups, and user permissions can be determined on a group-by-group basis.

Are you familiar with the requirements of National Governing Bodies?

Most certainly YES! - and our sister website are used by several NBGs around the world.

Does the software just appoint umpires? What about other officials?

Referees, linesmen, touch judges, AR, ref coaches, medics, tournament directors, even comms equipment! You name it, WTU will appoint it. The software detects the different official types, and can for example prompt a referee coach to input an assessment report. Your own configuration determines who can view such reports.

How flexible is the program? Can it be adapted to our needs?

The system was designed from day one to be very flexible, hence it can support any sport, in any country, in any size organisation. The software is highly parameter-driven so even if you are responsible for several organisations that work together, each one could still configure the system in a way that best suits them.

You are a British company - is that your main market?

We have a lot of British customers but we are an international business with customers from different sports stretching around the world from Canada and the US to Australia and New Zealand. The software is multilingual and caters for any timezone.

But you're a software house...... what do you know about managing match officials?

The business MD, and chief architect of the system Mark Brown is a former referee for the Rugby Football Union (the NGB in England) who has officiated from grass roots rugby to senior levels of the game. He is still invited to referee at tournaments, and is currently a Performance Manager responsible for appointing and developing both referees and referee coaches again from grass roots levels up to selected RFU appointments.

How do you look after our personal data?

Our company Ltd is registered with the UK's Information Commissioners Office in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We deliberately avoid the use of cloud data storage - we like to know where data is. The service is hosted in London with one of Europe's largest commercial hosting providers. Our websites are protected with 256-bit SSL provided by Thwate.

Can you integrate with other systems?

Absolutely - we can provide real-time data feeds to your websites, or provide you with APIs to keep data synchronised between WTR and your own databases.

Would you listen to us if we have ideas for changing the system?

Definitely yes - we positively enjoy maintaining a close partnership with our customers, wherever they are. We are regularly invited to, and attend, our customer's conferences, tournaments, committee meetings etc. These are invaluable opportunities to get direct feedback on how the system is benefitting our customers, and to pick up new ideas for making the system even better and easier to use.